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Baby Registry Checklist

Not sure what you need?
Take the guesswork out of your baby registry with our interactive and printable checklist.

  • Checklist syncs with your registry
  • All the essentials
  • Plus the fun extras
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Create the perfect baby registry for you with ease using our interactive checklist. Track your progress and ensure you have everything you need for your little one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are baby registry must-haves for a first-time parent?

Some essential items that you'll want are a comfortable and safe crib, a stroller that fits your lifestyle, a car seat that meets safety standards, a breast pump and bottles. Diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream are also must-haves for any new parent. Other items to consider adding to your registry include a baby carrier, a baby monitor, a changing table and a high chair.

Our checklist highlights what's essential so you know you have it covered.

Does Babylist's checklist sync with my baby registry?

Yes! Your checklist is connected to your baby registry. Items will automatically be checked off as you add them to your registry so they'll stay in sync.

Can I transfer my baby registry from another store?

Yes! Maybe you already started a registry at Amazon or Target and just discovered Babylist – no need to worry. You can easily import everything you've already added at another store to your Babylist registry. We're a universal registry so you can add items from any store. As an added bonus, your baby registry checklist will automatically reflect what you've already added!

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