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About Babylist

Our Mission

At Babylist, we help expecting parents get exactly what they need for their new baby. Our mission is to build happier and healthier families.

Our Story

We created Babylist with one key goal: to build a better baby registry experience that truly puts parents first.

In 2011, I was pregnant with my first son and ready to create a registry. As a former software engineer at Amazon, I expected ease and simplicity. What I found was the opposite. My choices were to stick with a single retailer or manage multiple registries. I spent hours researching products without confidence I was making the right decisions. And I couldn't register for services I wanted, like frozen meals, pet-sitting or diaper delivery.

I knew there had to be a better way. So, I got to work.

Babylist launched two weeks before my first son, Max, was born. What began as a side-project has become a leading brand for new parents: one in two first-time parents creates a Babylist registry and millions of families turn to us for practical support and data-driven guidance every month.

I'm now a mom of two and more committed to our vision than ever. The rest of the Babylist team is too—we're always exploring new products and ideas to help you with your journey.

Happy parenting,

Our Focus

Whether it begins with a positive pregnancy test, a call from the adoption agency, or months (or even years) of trying, preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. Few moments in life bring as many physical, financial, and emotional changes.

Our central focus at Babylist is to help make this journey easier with the resources you need:

  1. Get Unbiased Information: Our industry-recognized editorial guides cover every burning question (from "how to survive sleepless nights" to "what the heck is lightning crotch") and provide answers to the questions you don't even know you have yet ("wait, do I really have to use my mouth to suck snot out of the baby's nose?"). Our articles provide unbiased expert insights from pregnancy and surrogacy to nursery decor and feeding options.

  2. Find and Register for What You Need: We understand that every family is different. Babylist's checklist and sample registries combine proprietary data and patented technology to recommend editor- and parent-tested products for your unique needs. Our "add anything from anywhere" baby registry lets you add products from any website and game-changing gifts you can't buy at a store, like babysitting, a home-cooked meal, or taking your dog on a walk.

  3. Get Support: We connect everyone who helps plan, prepare, and shop for your baby's arrival. From grandparents to aunts and uncles, colleagues to neighbors, we bring together the community around you as well as a network of millions of real parents sharing their own experiences.

There is no more trusted, go-to solution for growing families. Today, more than half of first-time parents have a registry on Babylist, and more than 8 million people make purchase decisions on our vertical marketplace each year.

Our Commitment

Babylist is committed to anti-racism and inclusivity.

It's our mission to create a supportive and inclusive community for parents of all kinds, and equally important that we create a supportive and inclusive environment for Babylist employees.

Being actively anti-racist is a journey, not a destination. To us, being actively anti-racist means:

  • We educate employees about and give them the words to challenge microaggressions because language is a powerful indicator of belonging.
  • We create a safe place for people to investigate their own blindspots and racism that come from growing up in a racist society.
  • We commit to challenging our own biases and those of people around us.
  • We construct our company programs and processes to screen and correct for bias and unintended impact on underrepresented groups.
  • We use our reach and our resources to support those who are doing anti-racist work that benefits our users and communities.

We commit to dismantling systemic racism in the ways that it creeps into corporate structures:

  • We interview manager candidates for diversity, equity and inclusion aptitude so everyone has a manager who supports their sense of belonging. If the candidate doesn't pass, they won't be hired.
  • We articulate our anti-racist stance in our onboarding program so it's clear where we stand.
  • We survey the team annually to make sure we understand inclusivity and belongingness at Babylist.
  • We measure the efforts of our DEI programs so we know if they're working and can set objective goals to fix them if they're not.

We saved you a seat.

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If you're looking for Babylist in London, England, they are now known as Anita's House. Find them at Anita's House. For over 21 years they have been helping new parents choose everything they need for their new baby with almost all of their clients finding them through personal referral. They are the experts at finding the best of the best for you and your baby through a one-to-one private consultation.